A New YA Horror from the author of the Burgers Brothers’ Funeral Home Mystery

What happened to Shelby Gray was ruled an accident. But no one knows the real story, and Iylah Maddox is happy to leave it that way.

Now, a year later, family friends beg Iylah to watch their teenage son Cole for the night. Though she fears Shelby’s fate may become Cole’s, she reasons that perhaps things have changed. Maybe it’s really over.

Then the board game appears. Four sides, a sleek black tower, and a single die. It’s a game she’s seen just a handful of times before, and one that fills her with dread. Iylah and Cole have no choice but to roll and face what comes next. Even if it risks another life.

Set both over one night, and ten years, Josephine’s Game is a horror novel about teenage mistakes, sibling rivalries, and learning to say you’re sorry.

Are you ready to play?

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